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Recent Data Point Research Projects

We conduct many regional and national studies. Listed here are some studies on which Data Point associates have worked:


Iowa Wellness Capital Study

As part of Iowa’s Healthiest State Initiative, Data Point Research interviewed more than 900 Iowa organizations to better understand employers’ opinions of wellness benefits.

    • Do wellness programs reduce absenteeism? Increase productivity? Attract potential employees?
    • When adding a wellness program, what are your organization’s primary challenges?
    • What new wellness program would your organization like to implement?

This study provided vital information on wellness, productivity, and retention. The study was commissioned by the Capital Crossroads Wellness Committee, the Wellness Council of Iowa, and Live Healthy Iowa.


How Will the Affordable Care Act Affect Iowa?

Data Point Research partnered with the State of Iowa to evaluate options for the State’s Health Exchange. Research included analyses of insured and uninsured populations, the make-up of Iowa organizations, and an estimation of eligibility through the Exchange.


Health Care Reform - A Study of Market Issues?

How can the State of Iowa best serve its population when it comes to Health Care Reform? To answer this complex question, Data Point Research provided a complete analysis of possible outcomes. Our work with the State of Iowa assured informed decision-makers on the implementation of Health Care Reform in Iowa.


Iowa's Underinsured - Iowa Health Insurance Survey

As part of our work with the Iowa Insurance Division, DPR designed and conducted a study to measure the prevalence of Iowa’s health insurance. Inadequate health insurance is a serious problem. Often, individuals believe they have sufficient coverage but come to learn this is not the case not when illness strikes.

More than 1,000 Iowans participated in this study, providing a wealth of information and a more accurate picture of the health coverage of our citizens.


Customer Satisfaction of Parents Who Contact Child Support

Iowa has one of the most assertive child support programs in the nation. Data Point Research has conducted telephone surveys to measure levels of customer satisfaction reached by parents who contact the Iowa Child Support Recovery Unit.


Topics such as courtesy, accuracy, perceived staff knowledge, and timeliness have been measured in this study conducted for the Iowa Bureau of Collection Services.


The Iowa Employer Benefits Study©

Since 1999 DPR has conducted the annual Iowa Employer Benefits Study©.  This is a multi-modal (mail, web, & phone) study of about 1,200 Iowa employers to determine the value and prevalence of benefits Iowa employers offer.

Developed and funded by consultants David P. Lind Benchmark, this study collects data on the benefits available to over 234,000 employees in Iowa. 

The statistical reports from the study allow employers to determine how the health plans and other fringe benefits they offer compare to their peers.


Real Iowans Research Initiative

In 2010, Data Point Research consulted with the University of Iowa's Healthier Workforce Center for Excellence to provide survey methodology and questionnaire design assistance for the Real Iowan Research Initiative Study.  At the completion of the study, Data Point Research then assisted in writing the final report.  We again partnered with the University of Iowa in 2011 for the Real Iowan Research Initiative II.


Employee Satisfaction Research


What can Iowa's organizations do to reduce turnover, increase employee loyalty, and improve productivity?  Hire DPR to interview and analyze your workforce. 

When organizations do their own employee surveys, staff are reluctant to be completely honest.  There are real concerns about repercussions from poor reviews.  DPR is a neutral, confidential, third-party that collects unbiased responses from management and staff, analyzes their data, and provides useful, productive results.

DPR has conducted dozens of Employee Satisfaction Studies.  These studies are characterized by a very high response rate and result in corporate decisions that improved employee satisfaction.

Our clients include organizations from many industries including health care, manufacturing, and education.  Our work saves organizations thousands of dollars in lost productivity and turnover.

"I am amazed by the decrease in turnover we have experienced since using Data Point Research." 

                      Patti Steelman, SPHR

                      Human Resources Coordinator

                      Mary Greeley Medical Center


Research on Former Employees


Why do people quit? In addition to studies of current employees, DPR also investigates former staff and their reasons for leaving.  These projects further shed light and produce solutions to the problem of attrition and turnover.


Wellness & Prevention Study


In 2009 DPR conducted the Iowa Health Broker Wellness & Prevention Study, a project to learn the attitudes and opinions of health underwriters toward Wellness & Prevention Benefits. 

In theory, if Iowans practiced healthier living habits, the State could save millions in health care costs and employers could purchase better health insurance.  But the link between wellness, insurance coverage, and costs resides with brokers and underwriters.  This fascinating study neatly ties together the essential players in health care.


Attitudes of Applicants for Public Assistance


Funded by the Iowa Department of Human Services, this telephone study was conducted to assess the attitudes and experiences of recent applicants for public assistance.  More than 600 Iowans were interviewed.

The analysis for this project included a review of satisfaction measures by geographic area, prior experience with the DHS, and whether the applicants were approved or denied assistance.

The results of this survey were used to improve application procedures, documents, and staffing.


Web Site Data Collection of Technologically Integrated Farmers

An international web-based study of more than 1,000 technologically sophisticated agriculture producers was conducted to help determine future needs for genetically engineered seeds and global positioning satellite (GPS) systems.

Farmers were contacted by e-mail and asked to participate in a web survey. This study, funded by a private corporation, helped create a network of technologically integrated farmers.


Web Site Data Collection of Commercial Software

A web-based study of software users determined market needs for new technologies.

Funded by a private corporation, this study relied on the virtually instantaneous data collection methods possible from web-based studies.