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Employee Satisfaction and Turnover

Organizations spend thousands of dollars recruiting and training quality staff. In many cases those dollars are wasted when good employees quit.

The cost of an employee satisfaction study for a mid-sized organization starts at $5,000. Data Point Research can save your firm tens of thousands of dollars lost to turnover and, at the same time, help you increase employee productivity. We have worked with hundreds of companies; we can help you.

Personnel problems place a tremendous financial burden in hiring, training, and administrative costs. Additionally, organizations miss out on the benefits of retaining those with the most training and knowledge of the company.

The causes of employee dissatisfaction and turnover are often difficult for organizations to accurately determine, and exit interviews deliver little useful information when done in-house.

Why should you hire Data Point Research?

  • We are independent. Your staff can tell us their thoughts without fear of retribution.
  • We are a neutral third party.
  • Our prices are reasonable.
  • You will save money by working with us through lower turnover and higher productivity.

Sex and Drugs and Lawsuits

Additionally, an independent study can demonstrate the absence of racial and sexual harassment or drug and alcohol use. This provides you with a solid legal recourse in the event of a lawsuit. Be proactive. Don’t wait until problems happen. Protect your company from unfounded lawsuits by conducting an independent study that shows the absence of these problems.  Contact us today at


"I'm so glad my company did this survey."

"The company is finally listening to me."

"I was afraid to tell anyone, but my supervisor gets drunk on the job."