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Data Point Research Inc.

Products & Services

We are a full service survey research organization.

"Full service" means we provide expertise in all areas of survey research projects -- from assessing how research can help your business to complete reporting of study results.

We conduct studies that provide you with the greatest levels of precision possible -- we don’t just "call up people and ask them what they think."

Steps to Success

Each research project is unique, because each business is unique.  The research plan for your business will be tailored especially for you.

We take the time to understand your business by talking with you and your staff, then carefully studying the research most useful to your project and your business. 

What Can Data Point Research Do For Your Study?

We will partner with you to answer your questions.  We will:

1. Define study goals

2. Determine the sample

3. Decide the interview methodology

4. Design the questionnaire

5. Collect the data

6. Process the data

7. Analyze the data

8. Report the results in an open and usable way

Let us show you how Data Point Research can benefit your organization.