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Client Testimonials

Data Point Research works closely with each client to ensure their study is tailored specifically to their needs.  Here is what some of these clients have to say about us:

"I have found that Data Point Research takes a team approach to their interactions with us. Our requests are always considered and acted upon in a timely way. They have a partnership style which has ultimately drawn on the strengths of our company and theirs."

Brad Johnson, RHU
Benefits Staff


"The reports that Data Point Research produced were of excellent quality and exceeded the needs of our client. Data Point Research's level of cooperation with the other report authors ensured their reports were also of high quality."

Jim Howard, PMP
CSG Government Solutions


"The Bureau of Collections and Data Point Research have entered into a partnership that has truly defined quality of service. They have shown a genuine interest in our business. They note trends or aberrations and keep us updated about these issues. This is outside the requirements of the contract and is done just to help us get our job done in the best way possible."

Ann Rezarch
Bureau of Collections
Iowa Department of Human Services


"Thanks so much for your continuing interest and assistance in our project. We continue to find that your research is the most comprehensive and systematic study being conducted."

Nancy Shank
Research Assistant Professor
University of Nebraska


"I am amazed by the decrease in turnover we have experienced since using Data Point Research."

Patti Steelman, SPHR
Human Resources Coordinator
Mary Greeley Medical Center


"The products of the study exceeded our expectations. The positive outcome was due to the experience, professional expertise, and diligence of Data Point Research staff."

Ellen Hansen
Income Maintenance Supervisor
Iowa Department of Human Services


"Data Point Research is responsive to questions and concerns. I would recommend Data Point Research to any organization that needs valid and reliable research."

Ann Weiss
Director of Human Resources and Education
Mary Greeley Medical Center