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Meet Our Associates

Jean Opsomer, Ph.D.

Senior Statistician

Jean has been providing statistical expertise to Data Point Research since 1996. His main research interests are in survey design and sampling-based inference.

Jean holds a Ph.D. from Cornell University and an MBA from University of Chicago. In addition to teaching Statistics at Colorado State University, he is also an Associate Editor for the Journal of Statistics and Survey Methodology and the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society. 

David Andresen, Ph.D.

Senior Analyst

David earned his Ph.D. in Cognitive Neuroscience from the University of Minnesota and completed his post-doctoral work at Stanford.

David brings keen data analytical skills to DPR and is an excellent writer. He has been with Data Point Research since 1997.

Christopher C. Morphew, Ph.D.

Senior Analyst

Chris received his Masters from Harvard and Ph.D. from Stanford. His research interests include higher education and policy.

He also teaches masters and doctoral students interested in careers in higher education organizations at the University of Iowa.

César E. Mendoza, M.S.

Systems Analyst/Web Programmer

César obtained his degree in electronic engineering from Simón Bolívar University, Venezuela, then his M.S. in computer engineering from Iowa State University.

César programs Data Point Research web studies. He is primarily responsible for the web questionnaires and the flow of electronic data.

Becky Coppoc, B.A.

Project Manager

Becky joined Data Point Research in 2009. As Project Manager, Becky is intricately involved in projects from start to finish. Her duties include overseeing data collection staff, analysis, report writing, project staff management, and day-to-day operations.

Becky earned her degree from Gustavus Adolphus College and is a graduate of Leadership Ames.

Kevin Dodd, Ph.D.


Kevin earned his Ph.D. in statistics from Iowa State University. He is a skilled statistician and analyst and familiar with all major statistical software packages like SPSS, SAS, C-SIDE, and PCCARP.

Kevin has been making sense out of complex data sets for Data Point Research since 1997.

Mark Runquist, M.A.

Technical Writer

Mark received his M.A. in Business and Technical Communication from Iowa State University. His interests include writing grants, proposals, and reports for clients in the environmental services industry.

Mark joined the DPR team in 2011 as a technical writer.

Interviewing Staff

Data Point Research hires, trains, and monitors experienced telephone and in-person interviewers. Most of our interviewers have several years of experience working on a variety of telephone and in-person studies.

Our interviewers tend to be mature individuals who pay close attention to detail, record information exactly, and remain neutral to the topic area being investigated.

Many of our evening interviewers have day jobs as librarians, teachers, and bookkeepers.